About Me

Welcome to my personal website. You’ve found your way to the about page, I am guessing you’d like to either know more about me, or more about this website.

About Me

I am Connor. I am one of those Cloud IT people. I’ve been working with Salesforce since 2014 in a variety of roles, from developer to consultant and currently and architect. I like to stay close to my roots, and in current Architect role still like to get under the hood and write the odd line of Apex! If you want to learn more about me professionally, then connect with me on LinkedIn, or Trailhead.

Apart from being one of those Cloud IT people; I’m also a father and a husband.

About this site

I have been tinkering around producing websites since around the age of thirteen. I used to create sites in Microsoft Frontpage and other WYSIWYG editors, then publish these using FTP to free hosting websites. I’ve evolved over time, dabbling with different CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Ghost. I have a marmite relationship with WordPress, on one hand I love it - even writing my own plugins and themes, on the other I loathe it’s bloat and reliance on a typical server stack. This current iteration of my personal site is built using Publii, a modern static site generator with a GUI, and hosted online using Cloudflare pages.